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Lotte and PerLotte and PerPriess' Stutteri is a well-known training center and commercial stable owned and run by Lotte and Per Skjærbæk. The main stable is located close to the city of Nykøbing at the Island Mors. The stable has a long history and was internationally aknowledged even before the Skjærbæk Family bought it.

The StablesThe StablesIn the beautiful surroundings and facilities the team of riders and grooms educate 45-50 horses every day. The place contains everything necessary to give our horses the very best care and education.

Jestis Fürst Ébano and PerJestis Fürst Ébano and PerWe have some of the best dressage trainers employed to make sure we have the winning combination of high quality horses and high quality training.

Vadestedets Real Miracle by Skovens RafaelVadestedets Real Miracle by Skovens RafaelWe buy the majority of our horses as foals and youngster, we spend a lot of time picking promising horses from Denmark, Germany and Sweden and work them until they are ready to be sold. This gives us great knowledge of every horse so that we together can find the right horse, just for you!

The main house at SolvangThe main house at SolvangIn 2012 Priess bought a second stable 13km West on the Island, Solvang Stud. Here we keep 55-60 foals and youngsters, handle them and break them in whilest giving them as natural an upbringing as possible. Here they have lots of space and friends, important to keep the youngsters sound, fit and happy.

If you didn’t find what you were looking for on our website please contact us, we may know where your dream dressage horse could be.

Some of the outdoor arenasSome of the outdoor arenas