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WE ARE SO PROUD25-09-2016 - 20:35

- of our youngsters!

In the semi-finals this weekend both Jestis Fürst Ebano and Ammonite managed to qualify for the finals of the DRF youngster championships. We can`t wait to show them at JBK Horse Show in Odense. 4 year old Fürst Ebano was greatly shown by Per Skjærbæk and was placed as number 11 with a total score of 8,58. He was given an impressive score of 9,2 for his rideability, the highest score given to any four old for rideability in the semi finals this year.

See the video of Ebano here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kUJwPliWjsw&list=LLr5db04dcQlc4U89lWE0RiA

5 year old Ammonite, shown by our rider Marie Witt Poulsen was given a total score of 8,22 with a 8,5 for both walk and rideability. She also showed 4 year old Thybo`s Logan with a total score of 8,24, Brilliant with a total score of 8,22 and Frenchman with a total score of 8,0. They all did a great job in this years very strong field of four year olds.

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